Terms and Conditions

This policy applies to everyone who visits our website, as well as to our employees, applicants, clients, and business partners. It is crucial if we obtain information about you. Therefore, it makes no difference if you have already become a customer of ours or even if we have a written contract. This policy should make it clear to you how we handle data in each situation.

The information that is gathered about you when you visit our website, how it is used, with whom it is shared, and other details are described below. Additionally, we describe your rights, such as the right to information, rectification, objection, and erasure, in relation to the processing of your personal data.

We will only use your personal information in ways that are permitted by the relevant data protection laws. If we decide to use your Data for purposes other than those listed in this privacy statement, we will let you know about them and, if necessary, get your consent.

  • Controller of data

    Within the legal meaning of data, only the company Bizdata Insights has forthright authority and access to the user’s data. Additionally, you can get in touch with the management members. You can contact them by email at data@bizdatainsights.com.

  • Process and purpose of storage

    Your computer does not send your IP address to us when you visit our website, but we store small text files called "Cookies" on your browser as part of this process, depending on the circumstances of your visit and the settings on your computer.

    We produce these files to improve your experience on our website. It is a component of your browser's short-term memory. By making the necessary changes within your browser, you can disable this short-term memory.

    We do not combine this Data with Cookies. However, we reserve the right to later review this data in individual cases if there are clear indications of wrongful use.

    We create a subscriber account for you in our system when you create a user account with us or enter into a contract with us as a customer (by subscribing, having an email sent to you, etc.).

    This account contains the master data that you have provided to us, and where applicable, your billing data (‘Customer data’).

    We store and process this data because otherwise, we cannot complete our contract with you. If you sign a contract with us as a subscriber, we may also use the information you provide about yourself to contact you about promotions, campaigns, and other services we think you might find interesting, provided that you haven't objected to the use of your data in this way.

  • The basis for the storage

    In most cases, the most important basis for the storage is your agreement with us, irrespective of whether you register for a newsletter on our website or if you have negotiated a contract with Statista for your employer.

    The following bases are possible:

    • Your consent in accordance with the Information Communication Technology Act 2006 ('the Technology Act') and the Digital Security Act, 2018 ('the Digital Security Act')

  • Location of the storage and disclosure of Data to third parties

    We process your Data entirely by ourselves. To ensure global access by our customers to our offering (if, for example, you want to access Statista while on a business trip abroad or if your company has multiple branches), we store Customer data globally.

  • The procedure of storing data & disclosure of Data to third parties

    We follow the standard procedure to secure the data, and as a result, create rights and roles in applications, and ensure backups and upgrades are carried out in our systems.

    While login, we store the following data from our users -

    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Company
    • Designation
    • Country
    • Password

    Bizdata Insights doesn’t share user data with any third-party company or vendor. Only Bizdata Insights has the right of storing data and process the data for the user.

  • Information

    You have the legal right to update the information, we have stored about you at any time by contacting us through (data@bizdatainsights.com)

  • Update and rectification of the Data Terminal

    Once the data is stored in the Data Terminal, the authority of Bizdata Insights has the right to make the necessary update and rectifications. The data value can only be updated if the source of the data makes necessary changes and upgrade.